Protection of women's rights and provision of gender equality

While determining the development goals, the international community declares the importance of gender equality in a view to achieving development of democracy, social justice and tolerance. Consequently, the promotion and protection of women’s rights, gender equality, and restoration of the violated women’s rights became one of the priorities in the activity of the Azerbaijani Commissioner for human rights.

After analyzing the situation of the women rights in the country, the Commissioner prepared recommendations for improving the legislation, state programs, and national legal and normative acts that in force.  The Commissioner reported before the various audience about topics on distinctive peculiarities of the leadership between women and men, better career models for women and men, the role of innovations and researches in elimination of gender inequality, that is, better strategy for creating employment opportunities for women and men in new scientific institutions, along with organization of events on women in education, protection of the right to health and reproductive rights, prevention of abuse of women.