Ombudsman institution prepared awareness raising video with #StayAtHome (#EvdəQal) hashtag

In response to the calls of the World Health Organization and the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers, a video has been prepared with participation of the children of staff members of the Ombudsman Office to support the awareness raising campaign #StayAtHome, launched in the country for the prevention of new coronavirus infection.
The aim of preparing the video clip under the mottoes “Stay at home-Be healthy” and “We are strong together” was to call for not getting out of home during the special quarantine regime, unless there is a necessity. The video clip is prepared in order to highlight that staying at home, joining the calls, is the only way we can prevent the possible threats
to the lives and health of ourselves, family members, relatives, friends, in general, our people. However we think that it is also important for children to pay attention to their lessons, reading books, also doing art along with sport and spending the leisure time efficiently while they’re staying at home.

Thus, as the Ombudsman institution acting in the field of protecting human rights, which is the highest objective of our state, we urge everyone to strictly adhere to the social distancing measures enacted by the government, to show responsible and commendable behavior, at the same time, to respect the rights of the child.

You can watch this video following the link below:

#StayAtHome #StayHealthy #WeAreStrongTogether