Jalilabad Regional Center held a videconference regarding the right to health

Jalilabad Regional Center of the Ombudsman has held a videoconference on the topic “Everyone has a right to protect health and to get medical assistance” with participation of Heydar Aliyev Center of Astara district in the frame of Human Rights Month-long Campaign declared by the Ombudsman. The Director of Astara Heydar Aliyev Center, Kubra Samadova, staff members of the Center and active young persons have joined the videoconference.

After conveying greetings to the participants on behalf of the Ombudsman, the head of Jalilabad Regional Center, Ziya Ismayilov recalled that the Constitution of Azerbaijan has proclaimed the highest goal of the state to ensure human and citizen’s rights and freedoms and adequate conditions of living for the country citizens. He has noted that the according to the Presidential Order “On establishing Human Rights Day in the Republic of Azerbaijan” of June 18, 2007, this date is marked as Human Rights Day in the country. On the eve of this memorable day, the Ombudsman declares Human Rights Month-long Campaign from May 18 to June 18 and series of events related to human rights are held, he added.

This was also mentioned that the legal awareness raising of population groups, in particular on the right to health, is realized by using modern ITC opportunities because of the special quarantine regime in the country. Z.Ismayilov informed the participants of videoconference about the right to health, particular importance of the protection of this right, as well as of following quarantine regime and hygiene rules during the ongoing pandemic; provided information on the comprehensive activities of the Ombudsman with regard to protecting the rights of groups of population during pandemic.

K. Samadova noted the importance of the discussed topic and spoke about necessary measures aimed at protection of health of population, accessibility of medical-social assistance for all groups of population and the achievements in this field.