Ombudsman of Azerbaijan received the staff of TRT World Channel

Since September 27, 2020, the war crimes committed by the Armenian armed forces against the civilians of Azerbaijan have been regularly reported to the world community by local and international media.

The Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Sabina Aliyeva received two staff members of the Turkish TRT World channel Nihat Yayman and Hasan Abdullah, who reported to the world community the gross human rights violations committed against the civilian population as a result of the Armenian military aggression, and thanked them for their objective activities.

Noting that they were pleased to convey Azerbaijan’s just position to the international community, the guests thanked the Commissioner for her attention and warmth reception.

At the end, N. Yayman and H. Abdullah were awarded by the Ombudsman Sabina Aliyeva with the Certificates of Honor and a Commemorative Medal of the Ombudsman.