The Ombudsman brought the war crimes of Armenia to the attention of the participants of the international conference

On November 17, 2020, the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ms. Sabina Aliyeva participated in the 4th International Scientific-Practical Conference on “Problems of Human Rights Protection in the Eurasian legal space: Exchange of Best Practices by Ombudsmen” organized by the Institution of the Commissioner for Human Rights in  the Russian Federation.  

The conference was chaired by the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, Ms.Tatiana Moskalkova. The event has brought together the Ombudsmen from Turkey, Islamic Republic of Iran, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and of other countries, as well as representatives of some international organizations.

The participants of the conference discussed the challenges faced by the Ombudsmen of European and Asian countries in the field of protection of human rights and the ways of their solutions, as well as focused on the innovations and new projects proposed.

During the conference the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan Sabina Aliyeva emphasized the relevance and importance of the topic. She spoke about the work carried out during her activity for the effective protection of the rights of  our citizens living in the country and abroad.

It was noted that the Call Center, which was established at the initiative of the Commissioner has made it easier and faster to receive citizens' appeals.

She also noted that although the Ombudsman Office has temporarily suspended the reception of people due to the current pandemic, applications and complaints are continued to be accepted via e-mail, online, telephone, fax and social networks.

The Commissioner added that although there were international appeals/calls to end the armed conflict during the pandemic, the Armenian leadership continued its military provocations against Azerbaijan and shelled civilian settlements using heavy artillery.

She said that the Armenian armed forces regularly attacked at civilian settlements far from the area of active hostilities, for that reason Azerbaijan launched the counter-offensive operations in order to protect own citizens and its own territorial integrity.

The Commissioner stated that she carried out six fact-finding missions in the cities and villages of Azerbaijan, which were exposed to shelling of Armenia which used widely prohibited weapons against the civilian population several times and added that she prepared interim reports based on the evidences collected and sent them to the relevant international organizations.

In his turn, the Chief Ombudsman of Turkey, Mr. Şeref Malkoç also stated that at the invitation of the Commissioner Sabina Aliyeva, he has visited the civilian settlements destroyed by missile attacks of Armenia in Azerbaijan and conducted an on-spot investigation and prepared a report in this regard.

Then the event continued with the discussion of other issues.