Ganja Regional Center of the Ombudsman held an online legal awareness-raising event on Combating Domestic Violence

Ganja Regional Center of Ombudsman held an online legal awareness-raising event on Combating Domestic Violence (DV). The event brought together the representatives of Gadabay District Executive Power, Youth and Sports Department, Heydar Aliyev Center and NGOs and the young people.

During his speech, the head of the Regional Center, Sabuhi Abbasov delivered greetings of the Ombudsman to the participants upon the victory achieved in the end of the war.

Sabuhi Abbasov noted that the pandemic, causing serious problems in a number of areas around the world, led to an increase in family conflicts and DV. This has remained a problem in our country as in other countries although numerous effective measures that were undertaken at the national level.

It was noted the necessary to approach the issue in complex by strengthening preventive measures, providing urgent and comprehensive assistance to victims of violence, creating appropriate infrastructure in conformity with international standards, increasing the powers of government agencies in combating DV, and long-term supporting NGOs in order to make the preventive work against DV more effective. In this regard, it was noted that the “National Action Plan for Combating Domestic Violence in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2020-2023” approved by the Presidential Decree of November 27, 2020 is of great importance to achieve these goals.

The participants were informed about the multidirectional activities of the Ombudsman institution in combating DV, and about 916 Call Center of the Ombudsman Office. It was also noted that the implementation of regular legal awareness-raising activity by the institution is aimed at developing legal thinking and legal culture of the population and increasing the efficiency of governmental agencies. S. Abbasov also informed the attendees about the significant obligations specified in the national law on fighting against DV, the State Program on the Azerbaijani Youth in 2017-2021 years and Action Plan on Prevention of Gender-Biased Sex-Selection for 2020-2025.

The various speakers underlined the importance of such online events and spoke about the activities undertaken in Gadabay in the field of prevention of DV, as well as put forward several practical recommendations like extension of awareness work in the regions, launching lobbying in secondary schools, as well as holding essay competitions and art exhibitions in the concerned area.

The questions raised during active discussions have been answered accordingly.