Visits under the NPM mandate of the Ombudsman were made to Temporary Detention Places in the Regions

On the instructions of the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Sabina Aliyeva, the members of the National Preventive Group (NPG) made their next visit to the temporary detention Places (TDPs) in the regions, including Ganja City Main Police Department, Samukh, Goygol, Oguz, Gabala, Astara and Siyazan District-Police Divisions.  

The object of the visits carried out in conformity with the provisions of the OPCAT, and the Constitutional Law on the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan, was to monitor custody conditions and treatment standards, ensuring the rights of the detained persons, and to examine the appropriate documentation.

During the visits, the cells of the TDPs, as well as interrogation room, medical room, worship room, and visiting room, kitchen, walking areas were monitored, the situation with food, parcel reception, phone conversations, and visitations was investigated as well.

The detainees were received individually by the members of the NPG to investigate the conditions of custody and treatment, and the situation of ensuring their rights. The personal files of detainees and the relevant registration books were also checked.

It was found that cells of TDP in Ganja City Main Police Department were subject to abrasion due to regular humidity, therefore, the custody facility needs major repairs. It was also observed that the facility was not provided with the necessary inventory to organize the reception of parcels.

During the visit to Gabala District Police Division TDP,  it was observed that the initial medical examination of detained or arrested persons was carried out by a paramedic in contradiction with the Section 2.1 of the Rules of Medical and Psychological Care and Detention of the Detained or Arrested Persons”, approved by the Decision No. 67, by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 18.04.2013.

During the inspection of Astara District Police Division TDP cells , it was found that there were no information boards about the rights and duties of detainees, and that the condition in several cells needed to be improved.

At the end of the visits, legal awareness talks were held with the administration and officials of TDPs, relevant recommendations were made on the conditions of custody, medical care and documentation in accordance with national and international legislation, as well as the necessity to follow all sanitary and hygienic rules against COVID-19 pandemic during quarantine was stressed.

The outcomes of the preventive visits will be requested to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.