A staff member of the Ombudsman Office participated in the commemorative event dedicated to the Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis

Azerkitab-Book Center has organized an event dedicated to March 31 - the Day of the Genocide of Azerbaijanis. Azada Novruzova, a staff member of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, attended the event.

She has informed the participants about the statement addressed by the Ombudsman Sabina Aliyeva to the world community on the occasion of the Day of Genocide of the Azerbaijanis. The Ombudsman’s activities to provide truth at the international level about the genocide committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis in Baku, Shamakhi, Zangazur, Goycha, Nakhchivan, Iravan, Karabakh and other regions were brought to the attention of the participants.

Speaking at the event, scholars and representatives of the diaspora gave detailed information on the basis of historical facts and archival documents about the massacres and looting committed in March-April, 1918.

At the end of the event, future action plans for the international legal and political assessment of the genocide committed against our people were discussed.