Publications of the Ombudsman Office are demonstrated in the 7th Baku International Book Fair

From 6 to 10 October 2021, Baku Expo Centre hosts the 7th Baku International Book Fair, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

This international fair held in our country is attended by representatives of libraries, printing companies representing local and foreign countries, as well as organizations engaged in printing. A number of book presentations, conferences, and round tables will be organized as part of the fair.

The Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ms. Sabina Aliyeva attended the fair. The Ombudsman congratulated the event participants, also foreign guests, book lovers, and the library community on this great book holiday expressed her best wishes to them, and got acquainted with the books and printed materials displayed at the fair. In front of the stand where the Ombudsman Office exhibits its 216 publications, she met with numerous visitors and answered their questions.

It should be noted that 216 printing samples of the Ombudsman Office, the first example of which was published in 2003, are already on display at the fair. 152 of these publications are books, 55 are booklets, and 9 are posters, covering various areas of legal literature.

The reports of the Ombudsman on the fact-finding missions carried out during the Patriotic War, as well as on various violations of the law, are presented to the exhibitors in Azerbaijani and English.

Publications translated into foreign languages were also displayed at international book fairs in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and Istanbul, Turkey. Educational publications on the rights of children, women, people with disabilities, the elderly, and other categories of the population were distributed as gifts to exhibitors.

The printed materials of the Ombudsman Office intended to raise legal awareness were sent to foreign ombudspersons, national human rights institutions, national libraries, international human rights organizations, as well as Central Library, Presidential Library, all other libraries in the network of the centralized library system of our country, higher education facilities, libraries of various state bodies, and international organizations accredited in our country.