National Preventive Group of the Ombudsman conducted monitoring in Sheki City Integrated Training Gymnasium of Boarding Type

By the instructions of the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ms. Sabina Aliyeva, the National Preventive Group (NPG) members carry out monitoring in the capital city and districts.  

The NPG paid the next visit to Sheki City Integrated Training Gymnasium of Boarding Type without prior notice.  

The purpose of the monitoring held in conformity with the requirements of the OPCAT and the Constitutional Law on the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan was to investigate the detention condition and treatment of children of various age categories, placed in the facility, by the staff and learn the situation of ensuring rights of children.    

During the visit, NPG members inspected the medical unit, recreation room, classrooms, dorms, a workshop, a library, food storage, a kitchen, a canteen, a gym, sanitary units, and a laundry.

The shortcomings identified regarding the detention conditions and documentation in the educational institution were brought to the attention of and discussed with the administration of the institution.

In the end, the administration and responsible employees of the social facility were given relevant recommendations on the standards of detention, first aid, and documentation on how to bring them into conformity with national legislation and international standards. The facility was provided with posters about the Ombudsman’s 24/7 916 Call Center for being to be placed indoors.