Ombudsman participated in the presentation of the report on the law violations committed by Armenia

The Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of Azerbaijan Ms. Sabina Aliyeva, in the frame of her visit to Turkey, participated in a press conference in connection with the Mission Report of the Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey (TIHEK). 

Firstly, in his opening speech, the head of the TIHEK delivered his congratulations to his colleague and the people of Azerbaijan upon the Day of Restoration of Independence and spoke about the prepared Mission Report.  

Later, the members of the Karabakh Observation Group, created by the TIHEK, briefed their on-site investigations conducted in Azerbaijan and the human rights violations that they found and included in the Report.    

In her opening speech, the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan thanked the brotherly Turkish people for not leaving Azerbaijan alone with its moral support during the war. Ms.Aliyeva also expressed her thankfulness to the management of TIHEK and the Chief Ombudsman of Turkey, who constantly contacted her and were interested in the situation on the frontline.

The Ombudsman then spoke about the use of prohibited weapons against civilians in Azerbaijan during the 44-day war and the activities carried out to investigate them, as well as the fact-finding mission reports. She also said that areport on the facts of tortureand ill-treatment of Azerbaijani prisoners and hostages was sent to international organizations.

The Ombudsman also added that environmental terror was carried out in the territories of Azerbaijan during the occupation, and unmarked anti-tank and anti-personnel mines were planted. Furthermore, it was noted that the refusal of the Armenian side to share accurate mine maps has led to the death and injury of many individuals, and hinders the return of about one million IDPs to their homes. Also, it was stressed that the mine clearance in those areas requires a long time.

In addition, the Ombudsman brought to the attention the issue of Azerbaijanis who have been missing since the First Karabakh War.

The Ombudsman noted that the prosecution of the political and military leadership of Armenia for war crimes is a serious necessity in terms of preventing further crimes.

At the end of the conference, questions raised by media representatives were answered.