Ombudsman Office chose Lankaran for its next awareness training

As reported, a series of awareness-raising training about good governance for state agencies and civil society organizations (SCOs) are underway, which were initiated by the Human Rights Commissioner and supported by the GIZ Office in Azerbaijan. The next training on the topic “Role of the Ombudsman in Promotion of Good Governance and Strengthening the Cooperation with CSOs in the Concerned Area” was organized in Lankaran city.

The training was attended by Jalilabad Regional Center, local departments of state agencies, and civil society members. The expert-trainers Mr. Zaur Valimammadli, Head of the Department for Cooperation with International and Civil Society Organizations at the Ombudsman Office, Mr. Rashad Novruzov, Head of the Unit for Protection of Civil and Political Rights, and Ms. Aynur Hamidova, Head of the Unit on Access to Information reported about characteristics and significance of the good governance, related international norms, and principles, alternative methods of conflicts, application of the mediation, the mandate of the Ombudsman, application and review procedures, business and human rights and the right to access to information.  

During interactive dialogues, they stressed the positive effect on strengthening the relations between the public and CSOs and the importance of the Ombudsman’s role in this area.

At the end of the training, the participants were awarded certificates.