Ombudsman Sabina Aliyeva paid an official visit to Italy

The Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ms. Sabina Aliyeva is on an official visit to Italy. In the course of the visit, the Ombudsman is going to hold meetings with members of the Italian Parliament, the Extraordinary Commission for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights of the Senate of Italy, as well as representatives of other organizations working on human rights. During those meetings, Italian state officials will be informed about Armenia's war crimes committed against Azerbaijan for many years and the consequences of the occupation.

Today at the meeting organized by the Italian Federation of Human Rights (FIDU) the Ombudsman briefed the multifaceted activities carried out for the protection of human rights, the new intra-institutional transformations, and the measures taken to restore the violated rights of our compatriots.

During the meeting, attended by FIDU President Mr. Antonio Stango, Associate Professor of the University of Rome Sapienza Mr. Daniel Pommier, and the media, the Ombudsman spoke about the historical ties of friendship and cooperation between Azerbaijan and Italy. Ms. Aliyeva also talked about Azerbaijan’s multiculturalism traditions, underlining that Azerbaijan preserves monuments of other religions, giving the restoration of many monuments in the Vatican by Azerbaijan as an example.

The Ombudsman also made a presentation on gross human rights and IHL violations in the Second Karabakh War committed by Armenia. The presentation provided information on the casualties committed by Armenia against Azerbaijan throughout history, the occupation of our territories, and Armenia’s disregard for the relevant calls of international organizations. During the presentation, the participants were briefed about the ecocidal acts, human casualties caused by mine blasts, and fact-finding missions conducted by Azerbaijani Ombudsman and international delegations to investigate those human rights violations.

During the meeting, the Ombudsman answered numerous questions of the participants and presented hard copies of the Mission Reports to the FIDU members.