Regional Centers of the Ombudsman held events in connection with the World AIDS Day

The Ombudsman’s Regional Centers held events dedicated to December 1 - World AIDS Day.

The Sheki Regional Center together with the Sheki Regional Laboratory of the Republican AIDS Center launched an event with the participation of teaching staff and students at the Sheki State Regional College. Speaking at the event, Mr. Parviz Mammadov, Head of the Regional Center, informed the participants about the Ombudsman's activities in the field of protection of the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS and talked about the criminal liability for infecting with HIV infection.

A similar event jointly organized by the Ombudsman's Guba Regional Center and the Republican AIDS Center took place at Guba Medical College. At the event, Mr. Bahruz Efendiyev the head of the Regional Center spoke about the purpose of the meeting dedicated to this international day, celebrating every year since 1988, saying that the main point here is to draw people's attention to this problem and convey to the world community how serious it is.

The Ganja Regional Center and the Ganja Regional Laboratory of the Republican AIDS Center also held an event on "Combating AIDS and the rights of people living with AIDS" at the settlement Institute of Samukh region. At the event, Mr. Sabuhi Abbasov, the head of the regional center informed the participants about the awareness-raising activities of the Ombudsman Institution to prevent AIDS, as well as the norms of treatment of these patients, their rights, and responsibilities. In the end, educational booklets on AIDS were distributed to students.

The Jalilabad Regional Center and the Youth and Sports Department of the region together held an awareness-raising event at the Medical College. Mr. Ziya Ismayilov, the head of the regional center spoke about the situation of this disease in the country and the world, ways of infection and methods of protection, and the measures for the solution to this serious disease.

The participants were also informed about the relevant national legislative framework and the State preventive measures in this area.

Representatives of other institutions also spoke about the concept of HIV / AIDS and the necessary measures to prevent the outbreak of these diseases.