Regional Centers of the Ombudsman organized an event on the 15 June - National Salvation Day

Guba, Ganja, Sheki, and Jalilabad Regional Centers of the Azerbaijani Ombudsman organized events dedicated to the 15th of June- National Salvation Day.  

During those events, it was spoken about the importance of the 15 June. In the course of speeches, it was reported about the measures taken by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev to restore socio-political stability in the country, build a legal, democratic state, and increase the country's prestige in the international arena were brought to attention.

It was noted that the first steps in ensuring human rights at the national level were taken after the second return of National Leader Heydar Aliyev to power.

During the events, information was provided on the consistent, systematic, and forward-looking reforms carried out by National Leader in the country. The participants were also informed about the state programs on human rights, legislative acts, international conventions to which our State is a party, and the Ombudsman’s activities in protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The events continued in the form of discussions, and the questions of the participants were answered.