Another awareness-raising event was held as part of the Human Rights Month, announced by the Ombudsman

As part of the “Human Rights Month” announced by the Ombudsman, the Social Services Agency's Shelter and Social Rehabilitation Institution for Vulnerable groups under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population held awareness-raising events dedicated to June 12 –World Day Against Child Labor, as well as event on "Human Rights and its Principles".

During her speech, Ms. N. Aghayeva, the Head of the Child Rights Protection Unit in the Ombudsman Office expressed her gratitude to the Social Services Agency and Shelter and Social Rehabilitation Facility for Vulnerable Groups and informed the participants about the purpose and significance of the month-long campaign.  

At the end of the event, educational videos on the topic were shown, as well a cultural program by children was demonstrated. Furthermore, a video on human rights with the participation of resident children was played as part of the month-long campaign.