The Ombudsman Institution presents the new educational booklet “The Right to Information of Aliens and Stateless Persons” prepared within the Human Rights Month, to the public

According to Article 69 of the Constitution of Azerbaijan, foreigners and stateless persons staying in Azerbaijan shall enjoy all rights and fulfill all duties equally with citizens of Azerbaijan, unless otherwise prescribed by law or international treaty to which the Republic of Azerbaijan is a party.

The Ombudsman focused on the issues of protection of all population groups, including migrants, foreigners, and stateless persons.

Regular visits to the Detention Center for Irregular Migrants under the State Migration Service located in Baku and Yevlakh cities are conducted, the situation of ensuring their rights of persons detained there, including the right to information is investigated and the measures for their elimination are taken.  

According to Article 2 of the Law on Access to Information, everyone has the right to request from the information owner directly or through his representative, and to choose the type and form of access to information.

The Ombudsman is authorized to supervise the oversight of the duties arising from the Law on Access to Information by state bodies, self-governing authorities, and officials under the Law on Ombudsman.

Ombudsman Institute prepared for foreigners and stateless persons the educational booklets on their right to access information in 4 (Azerbaijani, English, Russian, and Ukrainian) languages. The Booklets provide information about the right to information, duties of the information owners, request for information, the execution term and grounds for refusal, criteria for the investigation of a complaint on the violation of the right to information by the Ombudsman, and the Ombudsman’s competence to compile an administration protocol.