The Ombudsman spoke at the IX Global Baku Forum

The Human Rights Commissioner Sabina Aliyeva spoke at the panel “Human Rights, Democracy and New Challenges in the XXI century” in the IX Global Baku Forum.

Ms. Aliyeva, gave broad information on the human rights reforms implemented at the national level, greeting the Forum participants.

The Ombudsman congratulated the participants on the 18 June- Human Rights Day in Azerbaijan, which has been celebrated already for 15 years.  

In her speech, S.Aliyeva shared the scope of the activity of the Azerbaijani Ombudsman Institute, which marks its 20th anniversary and good practices.

Referring to the Azerbaijani experience, S.Aliyeva noted the importance of the support of the state to the NHRIs and ombudsmen as non-judicial protection mechanisms.    

The Ombudsman touched upon the issues threatening human rights at the global level, underlining that the panel was dedicated to the most topical issues.  

S.Aliyeva also noted that one of the main problems is the demonstration of discrimination and double standards in the prosecution of the crimes against peace and humanity, war crimes, given that the punishment of such grave offenses.

The Ombudsman with heartfelt said that silence on fundamental issues by international organizations has led to wars and conflicts, as a result of which the norms of international human rights and humanitarian law.  

The panel continued with discussions.