Events on January 20 - National Day of Mourning were organized by the regional centers of the Ombudsperson

The Western, Northwestern, Northern and Southern regional centers of the Ombudsperson held events dedicated to the 33rd anniversary of the tragedy of January 20.

During the events in which representatives of government agencies, scientific and educational institutions, as well as representatives of civil society organizations were represented, first of all, the memory of our martyrs who died for the territorial integrity and independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan were commemorated with respect.

In their speeches, Heads of the regional centers gave broad information to the event participants about the history of the National Day of Mourning. It was noted that after the incident, the National Leader Heydar Aliyev showed political will and demanded the punishment of the guilty and made a harsh statement about this crime committed by the leadership of the USSR. At the same time, it was added that the political and legal assesment of this bloody event is related to the name of the Great Leader.

During the speeches, it was emphasized that the Ombudsperson traditionally addressed a statement to international organizations regarding January 20.

At the end of the events, literary and artistic compositions dedicated to January 20 tragedy were displayed.