Staff members of the Ombudsman Office visited military unit

Within the framework of the work of the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan in compliance with the agreed plan with the military units of the Ministry of Defense, the Civil Defense Forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MEH) and the Internal Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ombudsman and her staff members continue their regular visits. 

As a part of the Ombudsman's activity, the staff members of the Ombudsman Office conducted a visit to the "N" military unit of the Civil Defense Forces of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in the Turkan settlement and got acquainted with the living conditions of the personnel, and held awareness talks with them. 

During the visit, all facilities of the military unit were monitored, including the soldiers' dormitory, canteen, kitchen, medical department, meeting room, and household rooms, as well as the common area in the facility, and the living conditions.

At the meeting with the servicemen, ensigns and officers of the military unit, the employees of the Office gave detailed information about the history of the establishment of the Ombudsman Institution in Azerbaijan, the Ombudsman's competences and activities in the field of human rights, including the protection of the rights of servicemen, and answered their questions.

The holding of such meetings was welcomed by the command and personnel.