Reaction of the Ombudsman to a Landmine Accident in the Village of Yusifjanli in Aghdam District

A landmine explosion has occurred in the territory of Yusifjanli village in Agdam district of Azerbaijan, which resulted in the deaths of two civilians.

I strongly condemn the landmine terrorism of Armenia, which is constantly threatening the lives and health of peaceful civilians, and I ask God to have mercy on the victims.

During a period of nearly 30 years, Armenia not only occupied the cities and districts of the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, but also deliberately mined those areas on a massive scale to kill innocent people.

We regret to inform you that as a result of numerous landmine explosions that occurred after the liberation of our occupied lands, a total of 286 people have become victims of landmine terrorism, and 48 of them have died.

In addition, Armenia not only does not inform Azerbaijan about the accurate maps of the minefields it has buried in the past years, but today, continuing its provocations, it again contaminates our liberated territories with mines, with the result that the lives of civilians and soldiers are seriously endangered.

I once again appeal to the world community, including the international organizations working for the protection of human rights, to take a decisive position on this matter to protect human rights and freedoms.