The Ombudsman's National Preventive Group conducted a visit to Children's Home No. 3

As part of the national preventive mechanism activity of the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan, a scheduled visit was made to Baku Children’s Home No. 3.

The objective of the visit carried out in line with the requirements of the OPCAT, the Constitutional Law on the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan, and the National Law on Child Rights was to ensure the rights of children of different age groups, as well as to follow up on whether the shortcomings identified during the previous visits are eliminated and the implementation status of the previously given recommendations.

During the visit, the whole area of child boarding facility No. 3, including bedrooms and medical rooms, the canteen, kitchen, library, and other places, was inspected, and the children have been questioned individually and in groups. To investigate treatment issues, the child residents of such  institutions, as well as the management and teaching staff of the institution, were interviewed to assess the existing situation.

Meanwhile, in the course of the visit implemented with the participation of a psychologist and a social worker from the NPG, a survey was carried out to find out the social situation of children and to get more comprehensive information about the motives of their behavior. A total of 30 children participated in the social survey.

In the end, the NPG members had awareness talks with the management and staff of the child boarding facility and informed them about the requirements of the legislation regarding the living conditions and on how to eliminate deficiencies in the documentation, and they gave recommendations regarding the issues that could be eliminated on the spot.