A staff member of the Ombudsman Office participated in the awareness event dedicated to the mine problem

The "Azerbaijan Campaign Against Landmines" Public Union and "Links Europe" Organization held an educational event titled "Mine Contamination and its Impact on the Return of Former Azerbaijani IDPs to Their Hometowns and Villages" within the framework of the "Mine-Free South Caucasus" Regional Campaign.

Representatives from the Ombudsperson’s Office, the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine-Action, the UNDP, the ICRC, and the Fuzuli District Executive Authority, as well as members of communities exposed to mine terrorism, victims of mine explosions, and media outlets, took part in the event organized with the support of the UNDP Country Representative Office and the UK Embassy in Azerbaijan.

Speaking at the session entitled "Landmines as an Obstacle to the Right of Former Azerbaijani IDPs to Return to Their Cities and Villages,", Mugalib Mahmudov, head of the Unit at the Department of Cooperation with International and Civil Society Organizations in the Ombudsman Office, briefed the audience on the work of the Ombudsperson, Sabina Aliyeva, for protecting the rights of former IDPs, also informing them about her activities during and after the 44-day Patriotic War.

In addition, M. Mahmudov further added that the Ombudsman prepared and submitted to international organizations numerous reports, statements, and appeals on Armenia’s war crimes and crimes against humanity, including ethnic cleansing and genocide, as well as the facts of the killing of innocent people, severe injuries causing disability as a result of eco- and mine terrors, and serious damage to the environment due to the illegal exploitation of our natural resources.