The Research Work of the Chief of Staff of the Ombudsman Office was discussed at the OIC IPHRC Session

Aydın Safikhanli, Chief of Staff of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of Azerbaijan, participated in the 21st session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (OIC IPHRC), which was held in Jeddah.

The research work on the "Rights and Freedoms of Internally Displaced Persons" by A. Safikhanli was discussed at the session.

The research work examined the rights and freedoms of IDPs guaranteed in international legal documents, touched on the issue of IDPs in OIC countries, and offered suggestions for how to make their situation better.

The research work also illustrates the existing difficulties and provides proposals for the restoration of the former Azerbaijani IDPs' rights and freedoms, which were seriously violated during the Armenian occupation. The research work identifies the landmine issue as the main barrier impeding the process of returning to those areas and the normalization of life at the moment.

The research work also revealed that numerous civilians were killed by mines as a result of Armenia's failure to provide complete and accurate minefield maps. Information was also presented on the restoration and construction works carried out for the safe and dignified return of our former IDPs to their liberated homelands, in addition to the importance of taking countermeasures.

The research work was ultimately accepted by the commission members with a unanimous vote and was added to the organization’s official documents.