The Opinion of the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan concerning the Order of the International Court of Justice dated November 17, 2023

The Order on the provisional measures issued by the International Court of Justice concerning the application of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination on November 17, 2023, once again rejects Armenia’s baseless claims against Azerbaijan in legal terms.

The majority of accusatory opinions presented on various platforms against our country have been rejected by the Court, and it has been reaffirmed that these opinions lack any factual basis.

Tolerance in Azerbaijan stands on strong pillars of diverse traditions and deep historical and cultural roots. In our country, attention is paid to the promotion of the rights and freedoms of people with various nationalities and religious backgrounds, cultural diversity, the rules of coexistence, and their development and harmonization at the state level. The State of Azerbaijan makes continuous calls, declaring its adherence to international legal obligations regarding upholding the rights of the Armenian-origin residents of Karabakh, emphasizing that the security of those persons and the fulfillment of their humanitarian needs at a high level will be ensured, as well as practical steps are taking towards the reintegration of Armenian-origin residents.

As the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Republic of Azerbaijan, we implement our activities to ensure the rights and freedoms of all persons living in our country, regardless of their nationality, religion, race, ethnicity, or other affiliations.

The issue of ensuring and protecting the rights and freedoms of citizens of Armenian origin living in Karabakh, as established by national legislation and international documents, is always at the center of the Ombudsman's attention.


Sabina Aliyeva

The Commissioner for Human Rights

of the Republic of Azerbaijan


18 November 2023