National Preventive Group visited Investigation Isolator No 3

Upon the instruction of Elmira Suleymanova, Ombudsman’s National Preventive Group (NPG) conducted a visit to Investigation Isolator No. 3 of the Penitentiary Service under the Ministry of Justice without prior notice.

The purpose of this visit was to check general custody condition and treatment and state of ensuring the rights of the detained persons.

During the visit, where the doctor member of the Group participated, the custody condition, the quality of nutrition, food supply, access to healthcare, state of ensuring walking and other rights, as well as treatment issues were investigated; in this regard, a number of detainees were received and interviewed in private. 

The interviewed persons did not complain about treatment; each of them has been legally consulted concerning the issues they raised; their documentations were examined; they have been explained their rights and requirements of relevant legislation; their applications and complaints addressed to the Ombudsman were received by the NPG. Moreover, some problems shown in the applications have been solved immediately.

Mehman Huseynov who is detained in this facility was also interviewed in private. During the visit to his cell, he noted that his rights regarding custody conditions had been ensured, and expressed his satisfaction about medical care, food supply, as well as about the treatment.

In the course, of the visit, his right to phone call was ensured and it was noted that he would meet with his family.

His rights were explained to him. He was also informed about the competences of the Ombudsman and he thanked for meeting with him.

In the course of this visit, it was found that previous recommendations how to improve general custody conditions given during previous visits of Ombudsman as NPM to this facility had been fulfilled, necessary measures had been taken in this regard.

Finally, the administration of the investigation isolator was given recommendations in compliance with local and international legislation.  

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