Cooperation with International And Regional Ombudsman Institutions

International Ombudsmen Institute (IOI)

In December, 2010, the Ombudsman Office of Azerbaijan became an institutional member of the International Ombudsmen Institute with which it has cooperated since 2003. During the years of the cooperative relations the Commissioner regularly participates in events organized by the IOI and gave the information to the broad audience about human rights state policy and developments in the country. As well as in numerous events launched by the Commissioner, many leading representatives of the IOI have participated and have had a wide exchange of experience in the relevant field through familiarizing closely with the human rights measures taken at the national level.


European Ombudsman İnstitute (EOI)

The Commissioner has established close cooperation with the European Ombudsman İnstitute (EOI) of which a member since 2003, attends events of this organization and had an exchange of practical experience in the field of human rights on a regular basis. Many of the EOI representatives were invited to participate in international conferences held by the Commissioner in our country. 

Reports and press releases about the overall activity of the Commissioner are regularly sent to the EOI and majority of what were placed on the official website.


Asian OmbudsmanAssociation (AOA)

Since 2003 the Commissioner for human rights of Azerbaijan has been accepted to an associative member to the Asian Ombudsman Association (AOA). During the years of its membership,the cooperation with not only AOA, but also other members of the Association has significantly progressed. A wide range of exchange of practical experience has been made in those events. Reports and press releases describing the overall activity of the Ombudsman were placed on websites of that Association.

The Commissioner addressed to the AOA on 25 August 2010 for full membership to the organization. During the 12th AOA Conference held in Tokyo and Numazu cities of Japan held on 2-8 December 2011, it was held a meeting of the Asian branch of the IOI, where the recommendations made by the Azerbaijani Commissioner about future perspectives and priorities have been heard. Afterwards, the Azerbaijani Ombudsman was accepted to the organization as a full associative member at the General Assembly of AOA unanimously by the decision of the Association.

In November, 2015 it was organized 14th AOA Conference “Problems in the activity of Ombudsman” and General Assembly Meeting together with the 17th AOA Board of Director’s Meeting held in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Azerbaijani Commissioner also participated in that meeting as a special guest of the AOA. During that meeting it was held elections to the AOA Board of Directors for the next two years. During those elections, Mr. Salman Faruqui, Federal Ombudsman of Pakistan was elected to the position of a President, and Mrs. Elmira Suleymanova, the Commissioner for human rights of Azerbaijan, was elected to the post of a vice-president of Association Board of Directors. Eventually, five Ombudsmen from member states were elected to the Board of Directors. 

In September 2023, the 17th meeting of the AOA General Assembly was held in Kazan city, the capital of Tatarstan Republic of the Russian Federation. In that meeting, Ejaz Ahmad Qureshi, Federal Ombudsman of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was elected as the President of the AOA. Sabina Aliyeva, the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan was elected as a Vice President of the Association.