II International Round Table of Ombudsmen

II International Round Table of Ombudsmen was held by Ombudsman of Azerbaijan together with UNDP on November 20-21, 2003 at the “Irshad’ hotel.

The international event was attended by President of the International Institute of Ombudsmen (IOI) Clair Luis, Executive director of the European Institute of ombudsmen Nicholas Schvarzler, UNDP’s Ombudsman James Lee, as well as Ombudsmen from Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Georgia, their representatives.

At the event which was at the center also of the international community, scientific-analytical and practical experiences in the field of human rights and freedoms protection and promotion have been discussed. Considering the fact that events held by the Ombudsman Office is always raise interest of the mass media, at the end of the meeting it was held a press conference for the local media to inform the public audience about the agenda and activities undertaken.  

One of the most important aspects of this international event was the reception of the conference participants by the country President, Mr. Ilham Aliyev.

II International Round Table of Ombudsmen played great role for the Azerbaijani Ombudsman Office in sharing the experience and expertise, in learning scientific-analytical work and exchanging of information and extending the international cooperation in the field of human rights protecting and promoting.  

During the conference, it was adopted the Baku Declaration which mainly focused on  developing mutual relations with the country Parliament, competent state bodies, non-governmental organizations, international regional institutions; realizing joint projects with various international NHRIs for efficient protection and promotion of human rights; strengthening protection of the rights of vulnerable  groups, developing human rights education and on the problems dealing with human trafficking, corruption and etc.   

The conference participants were received by the President, Ilham Aliyev and also was given a wide information about the measures for promotion and protection of human rights undertaken at the national level.