IV Baku International Conference of Ombudsme

IV Baku International Conference of Ombudsmen entitled “Condition and Prospects of Development of Cooperation with a view of Perfection of Protection of Human Rights” was hosted byAzerbaijani Ombudsman, Ms. E. Suleymanova and Russian Ombudsmen, Mr. V. Lukin with participation of the Russian Federation ombudsmen from Oblasts on 5-7 May, 2006.

This international event was aimed at further development of mutual cooperation between two countries within the frame of the “Year of Russia in Azerbaijan”.     

The newly elected Commissioner on human rights of the Council of Europe of T. Hammerberg was also took part at the conference at the invitation of the Azerbaijani Ombudsman. Among the CIS countries, the first visit of the CoE Commissioner was to Azerbaijan the country.

E. Suleymanova reported on the topic “Legal education as one of the basic directions of the activity of ombudsman”. She informed on the radical reforms carried out in the country in the field of the rights and freedom of the person.

The commissioner on human rights of the CoE, Mr. T. Hammerberg has emphasized the reputation of the Azerbaijani Ombudsman among other European ombudspersons due to her activities towards the human rights protection. He also underlined the role of media, civil society and NGOs and the importance of cooperation of Ombudsman with mass-media and NGOs.

At conference, the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Lukin, stressed the significance of strengthening the mutual cooperation in the field of human rights based on democratic values, respect for human rights; and told about the numerous measures undertaken for the protection of human rights of Russian and Azerbaijani citizens in both countries.  

The resident-coordinator of the United Nations in Azerbaijan Марко Borsotti welcomed the activities of the Azerbaijani Ombudsman Office for human rights protection and expressed his satisfaction from participation at this event. 

During the event The commissioner on human rights of the CoE, Mr. T. Hammerberg and the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Lukin have been received by the country President, Mr. Ilham Aliyev.