VI Baku International Conference of Ombudsmen

VI Baku International Conference of Ombudsmen entitled “Human Rights in the Globalized World” was held by the Azerbaijani Ombudsman Office jointly with UNESCO on 18-19 June, 2008. The conference was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and National Day of Human Rights.   

The officials of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and European Commission on Human Rights, representatives of the main office of UNESCO, and of some national human rights institutions of Europe, Asia, Africa, the CIS, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Georgia, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,  Poland, Hungary, Albania, Lithuania, Pakistan, Egypt, Russian Federation and its Oblasts took part in this international event.

The conference was aimed at strengthening the efficient mechanisms of human rights protection by joint efforts. The conference continued its work in three different sessions, where the participants shared their experience those sessions.     

During the conference, the Azerbaijani Commissioner told about the developments in the country in the field of human rights protection and promotion, social and economic developments in urban and rural areas as a consequence of the relevant state policy, measures taken for reduction of poverty and the overall activities of the Commissioner towards ensuring human rights and main freedoms.

During the conference, it was adopted the Baku Declaration which mainly focused on  developing mutual relations with the country Parliament, competent state bodies, non-governmental organizations, international regional institutions; realizing joint projects with various international NHRIs for efficient protection and promotion of human rights; strengthening protection of the rights of vulnerable  groups, developing human rights education and on the problems dealing with human trafficking, corruption and etc.   

The conference participants were received by the President, Ilham Aliyev and also was given a wide information about the measures for promotion and protection of human rights undertaken at the national level. 

Declaration of the VI Baku International Conference of Ombudsmen