XIII Baku International Conference of Ombudsmen

XIII Baku International Conference of Ombudsmen “Role of Cooperation with Intrastate and International Organizations in Promotion of Constitutional Rights and Freedoms” devoted to the 20th anniversary of the national Constitution, and the 70th anniversaries of the UN and one of its agencies UNESCO, was held with support of the National Commission of Azerbaijan for UNESCO on 12-14 November, 2015.
This traditional conference brings together the Ombudsmen and their representatives of over 10 countries, including Senior human rights adviser of OHCHR for South Caucasus, Vladimir Shkolnikov,  President of the IOI and Ombudsman of Namibia, John Walters and the Secretary-General of IOI, and Ombudsman of Austria, Gunther Krauter, ombudsmen from Europe, Asia and Africa, including Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, Namibia, the Oblast of the Russian Federation-Saratov, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan as well as international human rights experts, authoritative world organizations, renowned lawyers.  

Head of public-political issues Department of the President's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ali Hasanov, Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan, Farhad Abdullayev, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan, Ziyafat Asgarov, deputies, ministers and committee chairmen, representatives of state bodies, embassies, civil society institutions, mass media and some group of law students of Baku State University took part at this international event.   

In her opening remarks, Azerbaijani Ombudsperson stated that organization of this conference on the eve of 20th anniversary of the Constitution had a symbolic meaning as on 12 November, 1995 adoption of the first Constitution, which was initiated by the National Leader, Heydar Aliyev through Referendum became the biggest turning point in the history of statehood of an independent Azerbaijan, and ensuring human and citizen’s rights and main freedoms, reflected in that legal document for the first time in the history of Azerbaijani statehood have become the main goal of the state policy.It was also stressed that the Ombudsman’s activity was regulated under the Law of constitutional status.
E. Suleymanova stated that the conference also dedicated to the anniversaries of the UN and one of its specialized agency UNESCO that played great role in establishment of ombudsman institutions and their activities.   
The Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Farhad Abdullayev at his speech stated that universal values and legal state as well as its modern development tendencies were taken into consideration in the Constitution. It was underlined that one chapter of the national Constitution was about main human and citizen’s rights and freedoms as a whole.  
As a whole, the analysis of the Constitution showed that this document was in full compliance with international human rights and main principles.
The participants of the international event shared their experience in human rights field with others and the meeting was ended with an adoption of Baku Declaration.