The Commissioner for Human Rights pays close attention to effective protection of the rights of Azerbaijanis banished from their native lands as a result of Armenian aggression, as well as other migrants, to mobilise the efforts of state bodies, international organizations and civil society institutions for reducing the number of statelessness cases.

Guiding with the principles of requirements of Article 2.1 of National Program for Action to Raise the Effectiveness of the Protection of Human Rights and freedoms in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Commissioner regularly takes actions at national and international levels towards delivering the message about mass violation of rights of persons who became refugees and IDPs, destruction of natural, historical and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan a result of Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan to the world community.

In order to take actions for restoration of the rights of refugees, IDPS and migrants enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, also international treaties to which Azerbaijan is party and violated by state and local-self governing bodies, officials special unit was set up for protection of the rights of refugees IDPs and migrants at the Ombudsman Office. Moreover, the specialized advisor of the Commissioner working on this issue represents the Office in several Working Groups.

In general, the Commissioner works in the following directions for defending both general and specific interests of refugees, IDPs and migrants and for more effective protection of their rights:

- Consideration of applications, requests on violation of rights of refugees, IDPs and migrants;

- Improvement of legislation, state programs and state policy, submission of proposals on learning and applying of international experience;

- Preparing proposals on coordination of the activity of respective state bodies in this regard;

- Building cooperation with National Human Rights Institutions of foreign countries, as well as with local and international bodies working in this field;

- Conducting monitoring and awareness raising events  of conditions of these people.

The unit also considers complaints received from foreigners, asylum seekers, persons trying to get refugee status and stateless persons.

Close cooperation is built with state bodies, including law-enforcement bodies, ministries, and state bodies for effective solution of problems revealed as a result of analysis of complaints, which plays an invaluable role in efficient organization of the Commissioner’s work and restoration of violated rights. Moreover, within the framework of the cooperation courses and training are organized for developing knowledge and skills of civil servants involved in asylum and migration issues.

Furthermore, the Commissioner and the employees of the Unit regularly visit IDPs settlements, got acquainted with their state, living condition, learn situation of education, organization of healthcare, proposals are sent to respective state bodies for taking urgent actions for solution of problems in social healthcare, education and in other fields revealed in these meetings. Moreover, different discussions are held with different state bodies, international organizations and NGOs on the issues regarding social and psychological state of refugees, IDPs and migrants.

Moreover, the staff of the Unit together with the members of the National Preventive Group regularly visit the Centres of State Migration Service for Illegal Migrants in Baku and Yevlakh, learn the condition, nutrition of detained persons, medical assistance rendered to them, treatment towards them, detention condition, as well as implementation status of recommendation given in prior visits and their problems, and assist them within the framework of the Commissioner’s competences.

Alongside with respective state bodies, the Commissioner built close cooperation with different agencies of the UN including High Commissioner for Refugees, PACE Committee on Migration, Refugees and Population, as well as with International Migration Organization and other bodies. Within the framework of this cooperation joint projects and enlightening materials are prepared, different training, conferences and seminars are organized.

In order to ensure sustainable development of international relations, the Commissioner built close cooperation with the Ombudspersons of other countries in the field of protection of the rights of participants of migration processes.  Thanks to this cooperation the process of timely informing each other of the violations of the rights of the citizens of Azerbaijan in foreign countries and vice versa process is accelerated, more effective results are gained in restoration of violated rights.

Moreover, the staff of the Unit regularly participates in events organized by international organizations on relevant topics, make presentations and have discussions on the responsibilities of the Commissioner in this regard. The Commissioner and her Office continues her work in the field of protection of the rights of refugees, IDPs and migrants successfully.