During her term in Office the Commissioner paid close attention to protection of the rights of older persons, appointed an Advisor on Protection of the rights of the Elderly for coordination of the work in this regard. Demonstrating a sensitive approach to the complaints of older persons, the Commissioner takes measures, gives proposals and recommendations to the relevant bodies.

Considering the Commissioner’s proposals and recommendations for improvement of social welfare of older persons, the Law on Social Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan entered into force on 30.12.2011. 

The Commissioner made a proposal to the Government to approve Article 23 on the right of older people to social protection of the European Social Charter (re-reviewed) along with other Articles.

In events organized at the Ombudsman Office every year on the occasion of 1 October-the International Day of Older People, the issues like ageing process of population and its results, development of relevant policy and programs in this regard, actions necessary for their implementation, regulation mechanisms, population growth and changes in age structure, measurement of the latter, assessment of aging process, older persons and changing traditional family institute, action strategy on aging etc are discussed in these events.

At the initiative and under the guidance of the Commissioner, an event entitled Ensuring the Decent Living Conditions for Older People and dedicated to the decade of the UN General Assembly Program on Older People was organized. The principles of the Vienna Conference of Ministers on aging problems were discussed in the event. Another event organized at the initiative of the Commissioner was dedicated to the principles of International Madrid Action Plan and Vienna conference on Aging Problems.

The draft State Program on Social Protection of Older People was prepared at the Ombudsman Office and sent to the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population, discussion of the re-edited version by the Ministry was discussed at the Ombudsman Office.

The Commissioner together with UNFPA led and successfully concluded the global campaign “Action for the sake of 7 billion” aimed at raising the awareness about challenges and opportunities of the world having more than seven billion population. Round tables were held in Sheki and Guba districts and Baku.

For the purpose of raising awareness, leaflet on "World population aging! The aging process is observed in Azerbaijan as well” was prepared and distributed.

Round table discussions, as well as a journalist writing contest on “Aging of Population and the Situation of Older Persons: duties and perspectives”, “Old Age from Children’s Perspective” child art and photo competition were held, winners were rewarded. Challenges older people face like health issues, education, poverty, gender, discrimination etc were reflected in those articles, pictures and photos. Brochure on “Let’s benefit from the wise elders” was prepared with the financial support of UNFPA and was presented to older people.

In order to learn the living conditions of older people in care homes and the quality of health care provided to them, the Commissioner regularly visits care homes for elderly and persons with disabilities, meets with elderly people individually, gives prompt response to their appeals and takes measures together with relevant bodies.

Considering the need for lifelong learning, the Commissioner recommended to re-review the draft law on “Adult Education” at the Parliament and its adoption after improvement.