Scientific–analytical work

The Constitutional Law on Ombudsman dated 28 December, 2001 determines the main directions in the field of human and civil rights. One of such directions is a scientific-analytical work.

As a result of the scientific-analytical work, the relevant Unit at the Ombudsman Office prepares inquiries to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan with regard to eradicating obstacles for the realization of human rights and main freedoms, recommendations about additions and amendments to the national legislative acts by analyzing in order to identify gaps or contradictions existed in the laws, legal and normative of legislative, executive bodies, as well as municipal and judicial acts contradicted to the human rights and freedoms.

Relevant opinion and recommendations are prepared with regard to the draft laws on promotion of human rights and freedoms drafted by the Parliament (Milli Mejlis), state bodies and non-governmental organizations, as well as to other scientific documents received by the Ombudsman Office and submitted to the corresponding bodies.  

Alike, relevant recommendations are prepared with regard to signing and ratifying the international treaties which Azerbaijan is not a party, and are also submitted to the corresponding bodies.

The Unit also provides implementation, monitoring and co-ordination of human rights strategies, concepts, state programs, national action plans and programs.

Joint projects with state bodies and civil society institutions, including non-governmental organizations, mass media and international organizations are carried out; numerous opinion, view and recommendations for more effective protection of human rights freedoms are sounded at the events organized at national, regional and international levels.

In addition, recommendations about strengthening social protection, rehabilitation, integration to the society and other issues with regard to various categories of population, low-income families, persons with disabilities, children with limited health capacities and others in particular.

The Unit is responsible for preparing monthly information about newly enacted legislative acts on human rights and recommendations about their advocacy, as well as different books, publications, articles, statements and presentations about human rights protection and promotion. 

Apart from, the organization of regular internships for students of national universities and world leading universities is provided as well.