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23-12-2018 92 dəfə oxunub

In conflict situations between parents children should not be exposed to manipulation 

As already mentioned, the main goal of the UN General Assembly's 16 Days Activism against Gender-Based Violence is to raise awareness at local, national, regional and international levels in awareness  violence against women as a gross violation of human rights. 

From the very first days of this campaign, the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan has been actively participates in this campaign in the country and consequently, has organized a set of awareness events throughout the country for the broad audience, including women and adolescents.

Thus, the Ombudsman's together with the Ombudsman’s resource centers for the elderly and child rights and regional centers, held various awareness activities in various regions with participation of government officials, NGO representatives, municipal members, active youth, teachers and schoolchildren and of others.
In these events, different strata of the population were informed about the norms of national and international legislation, national human rights action plans and programs and new institutions created in this regard. It was also noted that Article 2.15 of the latest 2011 National Human Rights Action Program, which focuses on strengthening fight against violence against women, including DV, and on provision of legal protection for victims of such violence. The goal here is to increase the effectiveness of interventions to provide the necessary compensation, rehabilitation, medical and psychological care.

There have been given detailed information on Ombudsman's activities in the field of ??human rights, including women's rights. Her effective proposals like preventing children from manipulation and suffering in conflict situations between parents; ratification of the Lanzarote and Istanbul Conventions; developing a new machinery for the protection of children from physical punishment and so on.

During the interactive discussions, participants' questions were answered in detail.